Friday, February 02, 2007


The ecosphere is the smallest unit of life. Remove any life form from the Earth and it will be as dead as a limb chopped from the body. If we could 'lay an egg' on another planet, it might grow to a related individual, but that's not going to happen soon. We cannot live apart from our complete interdependency with all life on Earth. Individuality is a myth.

Every cell contains the genetic map to the whole ecosphere. Iteration appears to be a law of physics. Every atom is a fractal of the cosmos. You can find the universe in a grain of sand. Patterns observed on one level of iteration frequently can be observed in both micro and macro dimensions.

Differentiation and specialization of cells strengthen the whole, to the extent that balance is maintained. Sexual replication maximizes healthy diversity, as does most infection. Our ecosphere incorporates DNA as simple as a virus throughout every complex creature. Since symbiosis is selected for, evolution favors those cells which benefit the whole.

Every cell of the ecosphere constantly communicates on multiple vectors, sharing vital information in every direction. All life dances to the circadian rhythms of the sun and moon. Every event, however microscopic, has an impact upon the whole, which all life seeks to maintain.

The ecosphere functions as an integrated whole with synchronistic functionality. New ideas arise across the system in coordination. Synchronicity at the level of human communication is welcome evidence of healthy function of the greater whole.

The human species may be the Gaean nervous system. We cannot afford cancerous growth, but neither can we allow ourselves to decay in the manner of Alzheimer's. We seek to maintain the balance, which is not the same as standing still, for we are always in motion. We know healthy behavior because we are integral parts of the whole ecosphere.

Perhaps all human functions are healthful in the big picture. Maybe pulling oil to the surface and spreading it around is analogous to earthworm casings in the garden. Death is essential to life. Perhaps the eradication of whole species, probably including our own, is essential to the survival of the ecosphere. I find comfort in knowing that even simultaneous detonation of every nuclear weapon would not remove all life from Earth, though it would certainly change it. Adaptation to plutonium, a man-made element, is a massive challenge.

Science and religion are converging. Gaea, the Greek Earth Goddess, was the daughter of Chaos. Peace is chaos in service of community. Unity and diversity are correlational.


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