Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Wow! We made it! Four thousand five hundred miles across North America the long way round! This is my second crossing in 13 months, for a grand total of over 8000 miles. Now what?

It's been an excruciating, delightful journey. Living as an activist on a bicycle is intense. Living with two-year-old twins and a twelve-year-old girl is intense even when you're not on a bike journey. Intensity is good for me, because what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I feel very strong!

There is so much to be grateful for in this journey. We've met so many marvelously generous people, learned so much, and renewed our faith in the fundamental goodness of people. We've been blessed with so many great experiences and we haven't gone wanting for anything we ever needed.

I believe the nation is balanced on the edge of a major change of power. There is broad recognition among the American people that our government does not represent us or work for us. Nor does it control us. We don't have to cooperate with those who abuse power. They need us far more than we need them.

I have great hope that people everywhere are going to join with their neighbors in standing together for what is right. We're going to support and care for each other as we refuse to play along with the institutions that harm people. Each of us will insist that our time and the fruits of our labors are only to enhance life.

Toward this end, I look forward to continuing to bicycle about the country, facilitating neighborhood discussions about how we can support each other in living by our best values. This model will work for any community, whether we can sit together for two days or only two hours. It's not about what you believe but if you truly want to live those beliefs. Please contact me.

Before I ride much further, I need to get my equipment together. My SPD shoes have gone 8,000 miles and don't seem ready to go any further, even if I pour another tube of shoe glue into them. Much of my drive train is stripped out, so that I have few low gears. There are plenty of little glitches in my old cycling machine. Some serious time in a community bike shop would pay off well.

I also need a plan for either paying my debt or living free of hassle if I ignore the banks. Life is going to be different, but I trust I will continue to be blessed if I continue to occupy myself in the way that appears most productive toward the needs of the most people. My life is dedicated toward improving the planet.


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