Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Change Happen

Sure, I write my representatives in each level of government with my opinions, but I don't believe we can sit on our hands while we wait for leaders to make things right. When has positive social change ever flowed from the top down? Never in my memory.

Our first responsibility is to take Gandhi's advice and be the change we seek. How can we withdraw our support from systems that exploit and support each other in living true to our values?

I firmly believe the bicycle is a transformational tool into sensible, sustainable lives. It is an empowering experience to transport oneself without relying upon the depleting supply of petroleum. We can go wherever we need to go and get healthier along the way.

So it is with each of our daily practices. When we choose to eat food grown nearby using organic energy-wise techniques, we feel healthier. It seems an appropriate reward for responsible living. As we support our neighbors through co-operative, respectful, democratic systems, we celebrate the warm glow of a healthy community.


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