Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How to Drive Around Bicycles

First off, I wish you wouldn't. It's not just the threat your ton of steel and vinyl poses to me and to the planet. I want you to enjoy life free of the car, to know the healthy development of providing the energy to move yourself. But if you must drive, please take these precautions to avoid hurting bicyclists.
  • Check your mirrors and signal every turn. Right turns across the bike lane are the biggest killer of cyclists. The signal is for the one you don't see.
  • Look around before you open your door, and as you pull out of a parking space. Parked cars are a huge risk for cyclists.
  • Follow a safe distance behind a cyclist in the roadway until you have room to safely pass on the left. If you plan to turn soon, stay behind the bike until it passes your turn.
  • Please do not honk, gun your engine, or yell at cyclists. We know you're there, but you probably don't see the road surface obstacles with which we're dealing.
Thank you for respecting the cyclist's right to the road. Let me encourage you to spend some time riding your own bicycle. Besides helping you to see the cyclist's point of view, it will be great fun.


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