Saturday, November 17, 2007


Those poor saps! You know who I mean, the muscle-heads. The lower middle class Americans who spend more money on their cars than on their houses. This budget analysis often holds true even after they extend their credit on a mortgage they can't afford.

What are they gonna do when gas hits $10/gallon? Anybody who has laid the Hubbard curve of oil supply against the demand cure driven by Chinese and Indian oil use can see the inevitable crunch. You can pray for a techno-fix, but bio-fuels will only put a minor dent in the problem. Americans are about to loose their cars.

I could go off on a rant about the economic consequences of a debt driven nation that doesn't produce what it consumes, but I want to get back to Bubba. Let me just warn that when the Saudi oil field collapses and the Chinese decide to stop loaning money to their best customer so they can consume their own products, the free ride is over. Hyper-inflation and depression will arrive together.

Meanwhile, the muscle-head is busy beating his wife and kids because his family's proudest achievement has been collecting PTSD for generations. When the shit hits the fan, who do you think Fox News will tell him to blame?

Even though the demographics behind this article are accurate, the stereotype is not. Because there's been a healing transformation taking place. People who've been exposed to violence are learning that peaceful conflict resolution works better. Compassionate communication is taking hold for purely practical reasons. Bubba is not so dumb and peace feels better.

We've still got our work cut out for us. To some degree, we all feed the muscle-head demographics. I'm in debt. You burn too much oil. We all get frustrated and forget to respect each other's autonomy. To complete the transformation, we've got to love the muscle-head without accepting muscle-headed behavior.

It seems Bubba is also a pretty good bike mechanic. He remembers Gramma's garden and canning secrets. Perhaps he even had the wisdom to put in some fruit and nut trees. In his heart, he's trying to love his neighbors. He's not gonna let anybody starve.

Reassure him as the American dream unravels. Get him to look away from the TV and into your eyes. Help him to trust other people and fear only the greedy voice that calls him to make somebody his enemy. We're all in this together and we'll need Bubba to make it through.


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