Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I Want

I'd like to have a room at least 150 sq ft where I control who and what comes in. It should be in a home where I can share the following with up to seven other people, preferably including children.
Hot bath/shower (pref solar preheat)
Composting toilet
Washing machine/rainproof solar drier
Tropical greenhouse attached to home
Space to prepare & consume healthful raw vegan diet
Discussion circle

Some of the facilities could be shared with a larger group, up to about 500 people.
Permaculture gardens ≅ .5 hectare/person
Music room/ creative space
Bicycle storage & shop
Interactive video//Internet facilities
Community meeting room

Ideally this home should be in a conscientious community in a location near public transit with a high walkability rating. It should rely upon passive solar space heating and efficiently use rain catchment and gray water for irrigation, but have reliable access to pure potable water.
I want to be strong, smart, capable & kind. To laugh easily with others who want to be with me. Filled with gratitude for the love which has always surrounded me, I enjoy voluntarily serving and want my requests met only when it brings joy.