Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wasted Vote

I will never again waste my vote on either of the two corporate parties.  I will not allow the corporate media to define what is possible through effective organizing.  I am dedicated to resisting the forces of tyranny and I invite you to join me.

This year Goldman Sachs are the primary funders of the Republican nominee for President. In 2008 the same corporation provided the largest source of funds for the Democratic nominee who is now seeking reelection. We can refuse to choose between two candidates selected by criminal banksters.

The misdeeds of the Koch Brothers agitate lots of Democrats. Have they forgotten that these same people poured money into Bill Clinton’s efforts to build up the Democratic Leadership Council? As a result, super delegates chosen from the top prevent any meaningful displays of grassroots democracy at Democratic Conventions.

 This nation has the best politicians that money can buy. It has grown exceedingly difficult to run for office, even at the state or municipal level, without receiving the support of corporate funders. As dutiful candidates jump through the hoops to gain the money and media they need to win, certain issues disappear from the table.

·      There can be no mention of how the US dollar is created or the debt based subservience imposed upon us all by the banksters.
·      No politician can hope to reduce military spending to bolster programs that address genuine human needs like education or health care.
·      Support for the apartheid regime in Israel is sacrosanct and a one state solution will not be proposed.
·      More money will pour into the failed war on drugs, continuing the racist, autocratic policies of mass incarceration.
·      Economic rewards will still be given to those who turn our natural environment into toxic waste.

The media easily marginalizes idealistic candidates like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. Votes can be manipulated to prevent any truly popular candidates from rising above the corporate choices. Members of Congress who insist upon questioning the official story, like Cynthia McKinney, can be defeated by pouring money into the campaign of an incompetent opponent within the party. As long as we play the game, we will remain divided and conquered.

Luckily there is an alternative. The Green Party USA represents a comprehensive principled movement to build a functional democracy from the grassroots. IMHO, if all the eligible voters in the USA studied the issues and voted their consciences, the Greens would win by a landslide. Even if the Greens don’t win any national seats, there are good reasons to vote for them.

·      Although the Populists never won a national election, they won the 17th Constitutional Amendment.  Already we hear the Democrats giving lip service to an amendment declaring corporations are not people and money is not speech, but we’ll have to keep the pressure up to see any results.
·      A strong showing in the national elections can open the way against draconian election laws which make it difficult for third party candidates to run for local offices.  These local reformers have the potential to make a bigger difference in each of our lives by rearranging the structures at the grassroots.
·      Voting for a candidate who speaks truth to power simply feels more genuine. In order to maintain hope, we must hang on to honesty. When we refuse to settle for the polished turds of the corporate candidates and the sycophant media, the scales fall from our eyes and we recognize the genuine promise of a Green future.

Openly supporting Green politicians like Jill Stein is one small part of a consistent movement to build a livable future for our progeny. We also withdraw our support as employees or consumers from the corrupt corporations. We refuse to pay taxes to a government with seriously unhealthy priorities. We are learning to grow our own food, pedal our own bikes, and care for our neighbors.