Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is a Bike Faster than a Car?

On average, a bicycle travels about 1/4 the speed of a car, but you only spend 1/30 as much of your time earning it. Calculations will vary depending upon your unique circumstances.

How much time do you spend earning the cost of a car?
Purchase price
adds to at least $.60 per mile

How much time/money could you save with a bicycle?
Purchase price
__________________Extra food__________________
adds to about 2 cents per mile

Lower Health Care Costs are a Bonus!

A bicycle can be faster than a car, especially during gridlock, if you count the time wasted earning the car.

Take control of your time. You can work for the system or you can walk around it.

Our ancestors did not drive cars. Most people alive today don't drive cars (thank goodness we can still breath). We don't need them either.

Why drag a ton of stinky steel and vinyl everywhere you go?

  • Will you take responsibility for the energy you use to get around?
  • Do you pay corporations to incite government to kill people for oil?
  • Do you buy into a dysfunctional system of factories, insurance, cops, and car crashes?
  • Wouldn't it be easier to walk and ride a bicycle?